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We aim for a world where individuals embrace profound self-worth. They feel empowered to pursue dreams, navigate life’s challenges resiliently, and make positive contributions. At Psychiatry of SA, we believe in continual learning and growth, emphasizing mental well-being as an ongoing journey, not just a destination.

In our community of greater San Antonio, we encourage reaching out for support when you need it, creating a space where everyone can live the life that feels right for them. Having a healthy mind and emotional balance isn’t just for those dealing with mental health challenges – it’s important for everyone striving to create the life they want.
Mental health is a dynamic aspect of our well-being that demands constant awareness, attention, and maintenance. It’s about feeling good mentally, enjoying life, bouncing back from tough times, and finding a balance in your thoughts, body, relationships, and inner self.
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How We Can Help You

At Psychiatry of SA, we understand that healing is a process that involves people working together and people heal people. The goal is to create within San Antonio and New Braunfels a community where well-being becomes a shared journey. Our programs go beyond traditional approaches, offering clinician-led integration groups and health coaching sessions for additional support. We are advocates of establishing connections and networks that will help people move from managing health to overall well-being. When it comes to mental health, we are all in this together – contact us today as we journey together towards healing.


What Our Patients Say

Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace
Took my daughter at that office and process was so easy to get appointment in timely manner. Nurse practitioner is super professional and provide best care needed.
Sammy Iffi
Sammy Iffi
Very quick appointments and great service. Will definitely recommend.

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